I’m the founder of Hitlist, a mobile app that helps you travel more for less.

My official bio runs something like this:

Gillian Morris is the co-founder and CEO of Hitlist, a mobile app which helps users travel more by delivering personalized, proactive trip recommendations. Investors include the Chairman of Orbitz and the founder of JetBlue. Gillian has been named one of the Young Leaders to watch in the travel industry by PhoCusWright.

Before entering the start-up world, Gillian worked as a consultant, journalist, and educator in Turkey, China, the Gulf states, Syria, and Afghanistan. Her work has appeared in/on the New York Times, CNN, CNBC, TechCrunch, The Next Web, LifeHacker, Gizmodo, and more. She is currently based in New York, where she serves on the Executive Board of Harvard Alumni in Tech and lives in Gramercy House, which was recently profiled in the New York Times. She earned her BA from Harvard.

Gillian’s work in emerging markets has made her a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship and private sector investment in the developing world. She is a proud mentor with the School of Leadership Afghanistan.

If you want to know more, please proceed to the blog.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Dear Ms. Morris,

    As a satisfied Hitlist user I am sending you this email.

    Currently I have a few EU offline retail campaigns where there is room for a partner who will also gain the voluntary double opt-in and/or increase app installs.

    One of our retail campaigns is for Hunkemöller (the European Victoria’s Secret). Retailers use our service to convert anonymous offline retail traffic to known online traffic to establish 1 to 1 communication relation: one time investment, lifetime asset.

    The partner will gain brand awareness, increased database and/or increased downloads. I see a great match with Hitlist/Tripcommon with our campaigns.

    We work performance based. Only the voluntary double opt-in or app install is calculated. This will insure you of a clean database with consumers who are really interested with your service. Travelbird, TUI, Paperflies and many more have successfully enriched their databases via our campaigns.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi there Gillian,

    I saw the article about your amazing space in the NYT today. Congrats!

    I’m a writer and performer who lives in between NYC and Philadelphia, and am looking for a part-time rental situation for 1-3 nights a week. They mentioned you had an extra room, so if that’s interesting to you, let me know and I can certainly provide some more info and ample references! I’m a well-traveled gal, super friendly and a go-getter with a penchant for relentless self-education.

    Warm gusto,

  3. As an avid traveler and frequent wanderluster, I came across your article in the HBR regarding entrepreneurship and your life experiences — it was great to read and an inspiration for me to also parlay my travel experiences into starting my own startup in SF. Do you have any other suggestions for someone else, like myself, when starting a company? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    1. This blog post goes over some of the basic resources available to travel founders: gillian.im/2014/08/hitchhikers-guide-travel-startups.html

  4. Dear Gillian,
    My name is Wa and I am an entrepreneur and data scientist in the Bay area. I read about your post of ‘Don’t listen to your users’ and was greatly inspired by it. Would you mind if I ask you for a cup of coffee? Thank you very much!


    1. Hey there Wa, best place to contact me to set up something like this would be Twitter, tweet @gillianim. Thanks!

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