An Explanation

The terms of my employment this summer include an order to contribute to the blog of Harvard’s Center for European Studies. As Johnson said, noone but a blockhead ever wrote but for money.
I’m spending my days in Spain working for Suffolk University‘s Madrid Campus. As of yet my job lacks formal title but I’m sure I’ll have imagined something compelling by the time I send my resume to prospective employers in the fall.
The campus is located in the heights (relative to the rest of the city) of Ciudad Universitario, which most of the universities in Madrid call home. My fellow staff are a mix of American, English, and Spanish and we all share one big office, save Raul the Computer God in his subterranean lab and the number crunchers hidden somewhere on the second floor. The receptionist has a beautiful name, África, and the building is not air-conditioned.
That’s really all I have to say about work at the moment. Though I do feel bound to share this tidbit I stumbeld upon while doing research yesterday.
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